Saturday, February 20, 2010

P-a-n-t-s ... + -l-e-s-s.

Let's talk about pants.

Men have wore them for the past few centuries. Before that, pants were formally known as breeches and were much, much tighter, and consequently, much, much more attention-grabbing (or they would be, if time-traveling were possible).

But now, women can wear pants, too. Equally tight, if not more so. Maybe a little loose, a little baggy.

Say what you will, but this demonic clothing type is restrictive, kind of like the disciplinary doctrines of Catholic elementary school.

Now, consider skirts or dresses. When spring hits, you can break out these comfy and quite feminine articles of clothing. You could do so now, in the dead of winter, but then you also feel inclined to purchase stockings or pantyhose, therefore defeating the purpose of the aerodynamics of dresses, & missing out on the reason as to why they are sheer awesomeness:


If it hasn't occurred to you yet, I am a big proponent of warm weather. They say mankind is more content when the flowers are in bloom and everyone can shed their layers, scarves, gloves, hats, mittens, hoodies, sweaters, so-called "puffer" jackets, trench coats, etc.

As a woman, you could just wear a dress, a single article of clothing--now, I am assuming you're wearing panties, perhaps a bra, too. Regardless, experience the liberation of feeling the sun's rays beating down on your uncovered legs (please wear sunscreen), the joy of a breeze upon your skin, the instant gratification of being able to shave your legs and actually have everyone recognize it.

This is true happiness. This is independence. This is ...

not going to happen for at least another two mind-numbingly cold months.


  1. That's why I live in Florida! Truth is, it's been super cold here too, I have this thing for shorts and flip flops...I haven't worn any since October.