Friday, June 4, 2010

No Monkeys Were Harmed in the Baking of This Dessert.

When you mention devouring and loving "monkey bread," you receive a lot of suspicious and concerned facial expressions. What is this dessert, and why call it "monkey bread"? It's asking for trouble from PITA, right?

Nope. Monkey bread is the entertaining dessert that tastes like a cinnamon bun, only better. Tastebuds are intrigued, as the nuggets covered in cinnamon, sugar, and butter are pulled a part and popped into your mouth. For kids, the mess is fun: fingers drenched in gooey and sugary splendor!

In some ways (and this may be a stretch), monkey bread can be used as a metaphor for life. You have to keep eating until it's all gone, because if you don't finish each 25-calorie nugget, someone else will. Savor each, and possibly dip it in cream cheese icing to add some pizzazz. The message is a lot like carpe diem, or carpe noctem, to cherish each second/mouthful as if it's your last ... nugget of monkey bread.

And that one nugget is highly unhleathy. Once a health nut indulges and frees his/her troubled spirit, he/she has surmounted various obstacles--fears of weight gain, heart failure, cavities. Nothing can prevent them from picking away at the best stuff on Earth. After all, if you can laugh in the face of danger, then aren't you living a full life?

Terrible thought: in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, what if the rose were actually a full cake of monkey bread, and when the last nugget was eaten (rather than the last petal), then he would remain a monster for eternity? The following scenarios are likely:

  1. The beast would accidentally speed up time because he would constantly face the temptation to eat it.
  2. When Belle illegally explores the West Wing and happens to find the monkey bread, she would no doubt have a morsel...or ten.
  3. The monkey bread would spoil and slowly deteriorate. A mortal sin, to be sure.
  4. The enchantress might have poisoned it. And the beast would die.

These ramblings are the consequences of what occurs when you monkey around with your food.

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